Aşkar Prefabricated

We produce prefabricated buildings, containers, steel construction buildings and modular steel structures at high quality standards.

It can offer you wide, spacious and convenient options that suit your different preferences so that you can live safely with your aesthetic, comfortable and family.

AŞKAR Prefabrik, a leading company in the production of prefabricated house models, has adopted an affordable price policy without compromising on quality, especially in prefabricated prices. Having its own production and its own expert staff makes this situation more possible.

High Quality,
Light Steel Structures

Steel structures carefully designed for modern life and produced with engineering quality. The address where quality and trust meet.

Build your dream house from steel,
step into the future with confidence.

Build your dream house from steel,
step into the future with confidence.

What Do We Do?

We are a company that offers modern living spaces, specializing in prefabricated houses, durable steel structures and uniquely designed steel houses.

Our Products

Our product range consists of quality and innovative products that appeal to the different needs and tastes of our customers. Each product has been carefully selected and designed to keep user satisfaction at the highest level.

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